How Does Debt Relief Work?

Although there are variations of the settlement process, most experienced and reliable companies employ very similar strategies in their debt relief/debt settlement program execution.  In most cases, the consumer agrees to a structured savings plan in which monthly payments into the settlement program are funneled into a special purpose account.  The funds accumulated in the account are eventually used to settle the unsecured debts that are enrolled in the settlement program.  Once enough money is available in the special purpose account, the negotiations can begin with each individual creditor.  When a favorable settlement offer has been obtained by the debt settlement company, it is presented to the client and he/she may choose to accept or deny the offer.  Upon accepting an offer, the lump sum is disbursed to the creditor who in turn provides documentation that the account has been settled in full.  Within a 30 day period, the payoff of the account will be visible on the client’s credit profile, and the debtor is no longer responsible for payments on the account.

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